About us

Monument Light, LLC is a multi-faceted business providing high-quality images of beauty and guidance in a number of formats.   

Founder and CEO Lee Sandstead is author of the #1 iTunes international best-seller Cleaning Mona Lisa and host of Travel Channel's Art Attack with Lee Sandstead.  He discovered the power of art in his early twenties, and ever since, his life has been a non-stop, 24/7 adventure from one artwork to another. 

Early in his career, he had a profound need to not only see art in person—but also to take home quality photography of the art work.  “To experience art in its best, purest form has been a major goal of mine for the past 15 years of my life—from looking at artworks in situ or a high-quality reproductions in my home.”

Lee has travelled the world to photograph art, and his photography can be found in countless publications.  In each instance, he has taken great care to present the absolute best image to his students and clients.

Monument Light also designs and produces books formatted for Apple’s iTunes.  Their first publication, Cleaning Mona Lisa, became an internationally best-selling iBook and is the standard by which many iBooks are measured.